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Brad Burleson

How long have you been with CCK? And what do you do there?

I’ve been with CCK since 1999 and am currently teaching Junior-Kindergarten.

What do tell parents about what makes CCK special and why they should consider
enrolling their children at the Center?

With such a diverse group of teachers and families, all from different ethnic, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds, we have a program truly unique to Knoxville. We are lucky and fortunate that the differences are what ultimately bind us together and gives the children that attend CCK a complete view of humanity and an innate compassion for others.

Of all the joy that must come from being on the staff, what two or three things stand out most?

1. The sense of family; that each member cares about the children, parents, and staff as they were their own family

2. Having each year to start fresh with a new group of kids, making the curriculum fresh and exciting

How do you involve parents and why is important that they be a partner in what the
Center does?

From the JK orientation, our goal is to work together with parents to prepare their child for kindergarten – not only academically but socially. We all want the same goal – for their child to graduate with a love of learning and an understanding of altruistic values.

What else would you like to say about the Center?

During the fundraising for my hike, I was constantly reaffirmed in the goodness of people. I felt surrounded by support and light. CCK makes me want to be a better teacher, a better person and give back as much as I receive.