At Children’s Center of Knoxville, we pride ourselves on providing a facility that is both safe and nurturing! We know there is nothing more difficult than entrusting the care of your baby to another. We understand your concerns and want to make sure you leave our center each day with the confidence that your baby is happy and in the very best of care!

Our trained staff cares for and provides lots of love for your little one daily. Along with this loving attention, we incorporate an abundance of educational opportunities throughout the day. Our staff is trained in the appropriate developmental milestones, and we offer constant encouragement and assistance in the physical and social development of the babies in our care! Our infant rooms are filled with a variety of colorful, developmentally appropriate toys and equipment available for our youngest students’ hands-on fun!

Each of our infants has an individualized schedule that is updated periodically and designed to meet his or her needs. In addition, our teachers also make sure to communicate with you regarding your child’s day, via ProCare. We provide a daily report for each child with all the details you need to know. It includes the basics such as your child’s eating, diapering, and sleeping schedule, along with fun and informative details regarding his or her activities for the day.