At Children’s Center of Knoxville, we begin to apply skills that are useful for your child’s transition into kindergarten. The pre-kindergarten class is a steppingstone for children entering junior-kindergarten or kindergarten in the next year.

Our program is designed to match your child’s need to absorb information and work on new skills. Our devoted staff provides your child with a solid foundation of learning that will help them succeed in school and life. Your child will use real-world experiences to develop their abilities in the classroom. Our curriculum focuses on communication skills with show and tell and enhancing your child’s appreciation for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) with hands-on science experiments, math activities, and art.


We have an incredible communication system between our parents and teachers. ProCare keeps you up to date with your child’s activities. ProCare also allows you, the parent, to communicate with your child’s teacher throughout the day.